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Recent Projects

As the AOR, idig designed and developed a comprehensive digital strategy which included a complete site rebuild that unified the brand position with supporting partners. Integrating Hudson’s Bay Rewards, the program now delivers a cohesive and comprehensive financial services solution.

Acting as Hakim Optical’s Digital AOR, we established an integrated online presence, including a website redesign and comprehensive digital media strategy that successfully transitioned a brick-and-mortar retailer—with over 170 locations—to a customer-centric brand with a contemporary online presence.

We were selected through an RFP process to increase sales by redesigning the website, reworking the branding, and creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Our team created a custom-built website that delivered on their requirements while providing a clean experience for their users.


“idig’s knowledge, expertise and responsiveness have been exceptional to date! Although you know a lot more than we do, you communicate in a manner that is clear and makes us feel confident our best interests are always being served  You have some great people who are a lot of fun and engaging!”

Imran Ali, Director

“We knew we needed to re-think our strategy…idig was invaluable in these efforts, stretching our limited dollars and supporting us to launch into a new communications strategy more effectively than we could have thought possible”

Rebecca Shields, CEO

“idig Marketing is a valuable asset to Hakim Optical. They’ve proven to be very flexible in meeting our requirements while remaining proactive, driving our brand and online presence forward. They’re easy to communicate with and offer complete transparency in their performance and business practices, making them easy to evaluate.”

John Worden, Vice President of Advertising

“I want to thank all of you for delivering on service. We feel serviced beyond what any other vendors have provided and we want to thank you for that. Previous companies have taken days to get back to us but you guys always respond promptly and it means a lot to us.”

Shelly Beaupre, General Manager


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