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idig is a full-service digital strategy and development firm that generates meaningful website traffic, driving high value leads. By developing and optimizing organic content with paid advertising, our custom methodology is adapted to meet all requirements and exceed objectives.

As the AOR, idig developed, designed and developed a comprehensive digital strategy that included a complete site rebuild that unified the brand position with supporting partners. Integrating Hudson’s Bay Rewards, the program now delivers a cohesive and comprehensive financial services solution.

Acting as Hakim Optical’s Digital AOR, we established an integrated online presence, including a website redesign and comprehensive digital media strategy that successfully transitioned a brick-and-mortar retailer—with over 170 locations—to a customer-centric brand with a contemporary online presence.

A program was developed for the Middle Eastern countries that included a custom-built website and social media content that was combined with targeted digital advertising. The program created such a surge of demand that it caused inventory to be sold-out in weeks, months ahead of schedule.



At idig, we begin with data to predict how your brand should target and engage with consumers to optimize your impact. Based on all available information, our team of in-house specialists expertly manage your campaigns—tweaking them daily—to make sure every dollar you spend is optimized.


+ Social Media Management

+ Monitor and Repair Online Reputation

+ Online Content & Creative Development

+ Video Content Development

+ Precise Targeting


+ Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategy and Management

+ Paid Google Search

+ Google Display Advertising

+ Remarketing Ads

+ Social Media Sponsored Posts


+ Conversion Rate Optimization

+ Digital Analytics & Tag Management

+ Enterprise Services

+ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

+ Website Design & Development


Let’s start something great together.
idig has a relentless focus on strategy, execution and results. We bring years of relevant experience, loads of talent, endless enthusiasm and passion in the search of complete optimization.