How the MLB All-Star Game Played Out on Twitter

[Courtesy of Sam Laird]
Major League Baseball touted its 2014 All-Star Game as a social media showcase, and statistics from Twitter on Tuesday night prove its success.The game generated more than 1 million tweets overall, according to a Twitter blog post on Wednesday morning. Among individual players, however, the New York Yankees’ Mariano Rivera walked away the big winner.

In his final All-Star appearance, the 43-year-old Yankees legend and surefire Hall of Famer was named game MVP as the American League recorded a 3-0 shutout win. Fans were eager to pay tribute as well, posting 23,000 tweets per minute around the time he entered the game in the eighth inning. Overall, Rivera was mentioned 350,000 times during and after the game, according to Twitter.

The game’s second-most buzzy moment came in the first inning, when starting pitcher Matt Harvey hit batter Robinson Cano in the knee with a throw. That generated about 10,000 tweets per minute.

Perhaps the game’s most interesting subplot, however, had nothing to do with the sport. In the fifth inning, a fan named Dylan Masone was viciously tackled by security near second base after rushing the field. He tried the stunt after promising to do so if one of his tweets received 1,000 retweets (spoiler alert: it did). A look back at Masone’s Twitter timelines provides a hilarious window into his thought process (or lack thereof).

Twitter says Masone was mentioned about 12,000 times after making a break for it. He started the night with about 550 followers, and at time of this writing, he had more than 7,000. That’s one way to grow your social media presence.

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