Why You Should Be SEEDING On Twitter


Let’s get one thing straight…

No, this article is not intended to give you gardening tips.

Seeding is a technique that idig and a select few other social marketers use with great success to grow audiences on social media.

We “follow” and engage members of our target audience in order to create brand awareness and build relationships – whether it be in the form of a new follower, comment, retweet, like, etc.

Seeding is particularly effective on networks like Twitter and Instagram because of the conversational nature of the networks.

Why is seeding important?

There is no point in spending time and resources on great content that will never be seen. After all, does a tree really fall if no one is there to see it? Please bear with us during our philosophical rants.

It’s plain and simple; seeding grows your audience/community and establishes your brand on social. 

Who to seed?

We look for people who fall into our “target audience”. We also look for people who fall into our “secondary audience” – those with the potential to like our brand, buy our products, or use our services.

The most obvious target is people who mention your brand in their posts.  You should also target your competitors and their audiences (think of this as “sharing”), as well as people/brands that are posting about related products/activities. If your business is location sensitive, target your search based on location.

Seeding is no easy process. It takes time and experience but you brand will love the results. 

Now go forth and seed! Or let us do it for you.

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