Why your B2B content isn’t engaging

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All too often we get asked by B2B companies why their audiences aren’t growing or engaging—even though they are committed to putting out content.

The commitment to sharing content is only the foundation of a great strategy. Compelling content that is share-worthy is the key to growing audiences. If your B2B audiences aren’t growing or sharing, you could be making one (or all) of the following common mistakes in your strategy.

  1. All your content is about you. There is a fine line in marketing yourself to your social audiences that hovers at the point of spam. Most businesses cross it. If you’re constantly talking about your business and how awesome it is and how you do all these awesome things—you run the risk of actually losing any audience you have. Consumers are constantly scanning content headlines with one thing in mind—what’s in it for me? The answer could be many things—including something as simple as a good laugh. By focusing on buyer-centric content, you’ll show how awesome your business is—without ever having to say it.
  1. Your content is inconsistent. Meaning, you probably don’t have a content strategy at all. Knowing your audience (and the audience you want) is fundamental to keeping your content on track. If you spend 6 months dedicated to one subject and then suddenly shift to something else, you run the risk of losing what you’ve earned. A well thought-out content strategy that includes your engagement voice and topic categories (that tie back to your strategy) will keep you consistently delivering buyer-centric content to your audience.
  1. You’re more focused on the quantity of posts than the quality. It’s easy to get sucked into the numbers game. How many followers do I have? How many clicks? How may social channels? And of course this bleeds over to your content delivery. Content posting schedules are an important tool in organization, but they can also be socially crippling. The nature of social content is also to be somewhat organic, and writing compelling content in short time-frames requires dedicated focus—even in your busiest of weeks. Too often we see businesses drop links or post irrelevant content in order to meet their post date schedules—instead of creating a contingency ‘bank’ of compelling content to reach into for just such occasions.

Engaging customers, prospects and industry influencers is hard work. It requires more than just a commitment to posting, it requires consistent, share-worthy, buyer-centric content. Fixing these mistakes won’t make overnight changes to your audience, but you will be well on your way to earning the trust and engagement of your audience. Resist the urge to be everywhere at once and with a daily post schedule. Pace yourself. Ensure you have the dedicated resources in place and then start slowly and ramp up your activity over time. Learn from audience feedback and provide content course corrections as needed to keep improving.


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