Marketing on Instagram Increases Awareness and Engagement

Last month, Instagram ads were made more accessible and easier to use. When looking for high-engagement and brand awareness marketing, there’s no better platform.

Instagram has surpassed its reputation as a place that people take pictures of their food, coffee and faces and should be recognized as a powerhouse in the world of marketing. With an active user base of over 400 million, it has recently passed Twitter and continues to be one of the fastest growing social media in the world:

Marketing Instagram

As the business model and advertising opportunities continue to evolve, Instagram has opened doors for brands that didn’t see the relevance to their company in the past.

Recently, they expanded the availability of their ad service to anyone with an account and made the creation process easier by offering access through Facebook’s self-serve interfaces and Marketing API. While it is still important to produce consistent content, this can reduce the stress of bringing your business to Instagram because you can see immediate results. Small businesses and big business new to Instagram have a faster way to grow their presence on the network than ever before.

Not only that, but for performance in non-conversion metrics, Instagram appears to be the best the web has to offer.

Why Instagram would be better for engagement and brand awareness makes sense intuitively. Its content is made up entirely of photos and video, there’s less competition than the more matured ad services such as Twitter, Facebook and Google and when a user sees your ad, it takes up their entire screen.

Why something makes sense is entirely different from if it works, but according to the initial studies done on over 400 campaigns, it works.

One of the more telling factors was ad recall. Ad recall measures the rate at which a random selection of people remember an ad when they are exposed to it once and then asked about it at a later date.

Using Nielsen Brand Effect, they measured the ad recall on Instagram sponsored posts in comparison to Nielson’s norms for online advertising and saw that it was 2.8 times higher. In the testing we’ve done at idig, we’ve found that although the cost-per-click can be slightly higher than you might see on Facebook, the engagement metrics saw a significant boost while optimizing ads for website clicks.

It’s also important to consider that when running a TV campaign or radio campaign, studies have shown that there is a significant improvement in the performance when TV and online ads are synced.

If you’re looking for new ways to expand you audience, increase your brand recognition and have more people remember your marketing, it’s time to consider Instagram ads.

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