Why Brands Should Use Social Media

We use it every day, from a tweet, a status update, a hashtag, a post or an upload everyone now in our society communicates with social media. Because it appeared so quickly and became something that the world relies on, social media has developed a reputation for being a non-existent marketing interest, therefore, making it somehow unprofitable for some companies. However, that being said, the statistics prove that statement completely wrong; according to Hubspot, 92% of marketers claimed that social media were crucial to their business and saw an 80% increase in traffic to their websites.

This just shows that there is a huge potential market for social media and it can increase sales, but a lack of knowledge to know how. Here are just some of the ways social media marketing can improve a business.

Brand Recognition: Increasing your visibility is always important and very valuable. Your social media networks are just a new way for you to voice what your brand is trying to accomplish to the public. You are able to engage and talk to new consumers, and make you more familiar with existing consumers.

Share Content Easier & Faster: This is a perfect way to promote new products and hear feedback on those products quickly and efficiently; you can also find out who your following audience is and design products to target them. With the help of ‘sharing,’ now consumers can share your post with ease, getting strangers involved and getting you a larger audience.

Increase Brand Awareness With Little to No Budget: Creating a social media page doesn’t cost a penny, it is free and engaging with your audience is free. If you did want to spend some money promoting a post, many sites make it easy and you can track where that post is gone and how many people it has reached with ease. Because everyone uses social media it will reach much more people, then a TV ad where now people can quickly skip through.

If you are still not convinced that social media marketing can really make or break a brand, click here to get in touch with an idig Marketing expert.

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