We Love Data…and Call Tracking

We. Love. Data.

We love collecting it. We love sorting it. We love analyzing it. We love talking about it. And we are always looking for ways to add more data into our analytics to drive better marketing decisions for our clients. We recently added call tracking to all our clients’ AdWords campaigns and the results have been remarkable. If your business isn’t currently using call tracking, you are missing out on a treasure trove of valuable information.

So…How Does it Work?

Essentially, call tracking works by assigning unique phone numbers to each individual AdWords campaign. All of the numbers ultimately redirect to your business line so your customers won’t be affected; but by assigning each campaign a different number, we can collect important information that influences future marketing initiatives.

call tracking

How Does Call Tracking Benefit Me?

In short – more data! By using unique phone numbers, we can collect and analyze call tracking data to determine:

  • Which specific keyword triggered the most phone calls to a business.
  • The keyword that created the most conversions.
  • Time of day when searches for each keyword were highest.
  • How keywords fared in different locations –a word in one area could have led to more conversions compared to a different location.
  • The number of conversions from pay-per-click (PPC) ads where there was no click – but only a call.

By aggregating and analyzing this data, we provide our clients with the most comprehensive marketing strategy and ensure each dollar of their budget is being spent wisely. With the additional call tracking data, we are also able to clearly show our clients their return on investment (ROI) for their paid marketing initiatives.

Contact an idig Marketing specialist today if PPC is part of your marketing strategy, but you are not using call tracking to evaluate your campaigns.

idig Marketing is a full-service digital strategy and development firm. Our customized and integrated approach facilitates a more efficient solution to our clients marketing needs.


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