Social Media: How the Personal Affects the Professional

Job applicants are always being advised to clean up their social media accounts prior to interviews. Having a public profile could cost you a dream position, as more employers are now using social media to screen candidates. Once hired, many businesses have social media policies for their employees — protecting their brand by clearly outlining what employees are permitted to post.

But who’s advising employers and owners? There’s a lot of advice about keeping your business’ social media neutral and conflict-free, but how does your personal account factor in?

There are always hot-button issues present in the media, but lately, there is even more political rhetoric present on social media than usual. Social media users are being pulled into debates and comments from vastly differing viewpoints find their way onto public threads.

Think back over the last few months. Have you posted something from your personal social account that you would not want your customers to see?

If you promote your business on your personal account and have lax privacy settings, you could be unintentionally harming your business’ reputation by linking your personal views to your business.

A personal stance on a contentious issue is fine, but you should always be aware of how your personal views are connected to your professional persona.

  • Keep your personal accounts separate from your business account.
  • Check the privacy settings on your individual accounts and ensure you know who can view what you post and share.
  • Remember that once you post something, it is nearly impossible to take it back. Consider how any post you make can affect your business and personal brand.

If you own a business and have a personal social media account, ensure you are not sabotaging the company you’ve devoted your time and money to build.

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