What are Facebook’s Mid-Roll Ads?

Video content took off wildly on Facebook in 2016 and granted yet another way for marketers to reach their audiences. With video content continuing to be the clear leader in digital marketing for 2017, it’s no wonder that video publishers and advertisers alike have been anxiously seeking ways to profit from the trend. Enter Facebook’s mid-roll ads: the latest way publishers can make money off their engaging content.

Mid-roll ads are big news for content creators; until now, it’s been generally difficult to make much money off videos on social. It’s well known that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has always opposed introducing pre-roll ads, which run before a video clip plays, but the launch of mid-roll ads finally allows advertisers to capitalize on the popularity of Facebook video publishers with promoted 15-second ads.

Ads will only be permitted to run after 20 seconds of a minimum 90-second video clip has been played, and may be no less than 2 minutes apart. Live videos are also seeing mid-roll ads, but these 20-second ads will be permitted to run only if the publisher has been live for at least 4 minutes and has had at least 300 simultaneous views on their live video stream.

As Facebook looks to increase their video ad opportunities to compete against the YouTube and Snapchats of the world, it’s important for digital marketers and advertisers to assess how they, too, can get on board and push their brand message behind publisher video content.

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