Facebook Messenger Bots Are Here: AI & Your Business

Facebook Messenger has made a huge impact on social media ever since its launch years ago, developing quickly and becoming an essential communication tool for millions around the world. Now, with Facebook Messenger bots, it’s become one of the newest ways your business can improve its customer service and reach consumers that express interest in your products and services.

Messenger bots are great for businesses who seek to find ways to reach people on both desktop and mobile. Once you’ve built and had your bot approved by Facebook, this new feature will allow you to add the “message” option to your Facebook Ads.

Interested customers will have the choice to have an immediate interaction with your company through an automated series of responses. Communication is key to making successful sales, and this is one of the newest ways to initiate a conversation with customers right from your Facebook ads or Business page.

messenger bots

You’ll have the opportunity to build personal, proactive relationships much faster on your existing social platforms, which can help lead to greater sales for your business on ground your customers are already familiar with.

Facebook Messenger bots also allow you to interact with users you’ve reached through the Facebook Business ad campaigns you’re running, even if they haven’t liked or interacted with your Business page prior to seeing your sponsored ad. Consider this method of marketing to your audience to break up the standard click-through to a website.

messenger bots

On the other hand, you can also choose to use your bot to share content that leads customers to your website based on keywords they may use when asking questions. You may even choose to offer incentives to urge new potential customers to interact with you, like discounts and new offers available through “chatting” with your business.

From streamlining basic customer service questions to making sales on your behalf by showing customers the products they’re looking for, messenger bots are turning businesses into user-friendly experiences

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