Take Control and Moderate Facebook Page Comments and Reviews!

Engaging with your customers online in an important digital marketing strategy, where the end goal is usually to spark lively discussions on your brand’s social media pages, especially Facebook. However, it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll only ever receive positive comments and reviews on your social media channels. That’s why it’s extremely important to moderate Facebook page comments and reviews to make sure you can steer the conversation and ensure that your message is getting out!

Establish Brand Guidelines
Before you even attempt to moderate Facebook page comments and reviews, make sure you know what your business’ social media style is going to be. Some companies have a stock phrase that they use for all comments or reviews; other companies have a strict and professional tone with their customers. Still, other businesses interact with clients like they’re long-lost friends.

The best strategy for your business will depend on a variety of factors including your client demographic, type of product or service you sell and your business’ overall brand.

Don’t shy away from responding to comments or reviews just because they’re negative—engage (respectfully) with the person. You always want to understand fully what their grievance is before deciding how to handle the complaint. HOWEVER, there are people online whose sole purpose is to create conflict (trolls) and no amount of respectful dialogue will appease them. In these situations, it’s best to just delete or hide their comments.

Move the Conversation to a Private Forum
Have you ever wondered why companies use a variation of the stock phrase; “sorry you had a bad experience, please private message us with details so we can sort this out.” It’s because they want to move the conversation away from the general public and prevent a chain of bandwagon complainers.

Banish Bashers
When you moderate Facebook page comments, you have the ability to hide or delete comments and block or ban people from your page. Knowing when to use each function is vitally important to maintaining a coherent digital strategy. Trolls require deleting and banning, while a baseless complaint can simply be hidden. Profane or violent comments should always be reported and blocked.

Contact one of our marketing specialists today to discuss how we can help your business moderate all your social media accounts. 

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