Best Practices for Facebook Contests

Running a contest on Facebook is a great way to increase engagement and brand awareness. However, far too many businesses don’t fully plan out their contests or even set objectives or benchmarks. To harness the potential of Facebook contests, make sure you take some time to plan out what you hope to achieve, how you’ll achieve it and how you’ll measure the results.

Define the Objective
First, you have to decide what you want your Facebook contest to achieve.

  • Do you want to showcase your product or service?
  • Increase the number of page followers?
  • Reward past customers for their loyalty?
  • Collect email addresses from potential customers?

Each Facebook contest objective will have a slightly different contest format. An unclear objective can muddle the rest of the process and could hinder how successful your campaign turns out to be.

Have a Clear Process
Make sure you take some time to map out exactly how your contest will run—from the very first advertisement to notifying the winner. Some additional things to consider:

  • How will people enter the contest? Remember, the more complicated the contest, the lower the participation rate.
  • Who can enter and how will the winner be chosen?
  • Invest time in the graphics for your contest and ensure that the prize you’re using will attract the demographic you’re after.

Measure the Success
The contest ends for the participants once the winner is announced, but that’s when a business should really begin to analyze their data. Evaluate how well the contest ran, how closely the outcome matched the original objective and how your audience responded to all parts of the Facebook contest. Be sure to note any changes you need to make for future campaigns and any ways to improve the process.

Facebook contests can be a great way to increase brand awareness and engagement if they are done correctly; however, without a thorough plan you can end up wasting valuable time and resources.
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