Creating Mobile Friendly Content for Your Website

It’s no secret that more and more Canadians turn to their phones instead of desktop computers to access information online. In fact, according to Google, people have two times more interactions with brands on mobile than anywhere else.1 Many Canadian businesses aren’t keeping up with the move towards mobile or believe that a responsive website is enough to engage mobile users.

Create Mobile-Friendly Content
If you’re not creating your content with mobile in mind, you’re behind the pack. It’s no longer enough to just ensure that your content fits on a phone screen to be considered mobile friendly.

Mobile-Friendly Text and Copywriting
To optimize for mobile marketing, you’ll have to change how you write content. With a smaller screen, formatting, headlines, white space and word usage become even more important.

Optimize Media
While pictures and videos are extremely popular mobile marketing tools, you have to ensure that they’re optimized. Large files will take too long to load or eat up consumer’s data, but extremely compressed files can create blurry images.

Mobile navigation is vastly different than desktop navigation. Simply having a responsive website does not mean your site is mobile friendly. There are many design and navigational issues to address when creating a mobile site.

Mobile First Indexing
Google is on the verge of rolling out mobile-first indexing, meaning Google will use the mobile version of your website, over your desktop version, for indexing. Investing the time to create a mobile-friendly website will ensure that you’re not left behind in the mobile landscape.

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1 How to Make Every Mobile Moment a Brand-Builder


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