Mobile Marketing—Reach Your Audience Where They Are

There’s no doubt that we’re moving towards a mobile-first society. Statistics Canada has released interesting, yet not entirely surprising, data from the 2016 Census that has deep implications for your mobile marketing strategy. For example, 76% of Canadians own a smartphone, making it the most popular digital device in the country. In addition, almost every Canadian under the age of 45 uses the Internet at least once a day.1 With those statistics, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more than 80% of social network users access their accounts on a mobile device.2

What does that mean for your business?

It means that mobile marketing is more important than ever and if you’re not focusing your resources on mobile, you’re simply not reaching your consumers. As people turn to their phones—instead of their desktops—for information, you have to ensure that you’re targeting your customers with the information they’re searching for, on the platform they’re using and in a way that will grab their attention.

What People are Searching For:
According to Google, over the last two years, mobile searches that include the word “best” have grown 80%.3 Consumers are starting to forgo doing their own research and are instead relying on Google to find the best product/service for them; from the best toothbrush to the best new restaurant in the city. Did you know there are specific marketing strategies you can employ to help ensure your business is listed in the search results for “best” searches?

Where People are Spending Their Time:
The popularity of social media is undeniable and as a result, Facebook and Instagram advertising should definitely be a part of your mobile marketing strategy. There are many options for social media advertising, from Facebook mobile or news feed ads to in-stream video ads. Make sure you’re choosing the right channel for your business and targeting your customers where they are.

Creating Mobile-Friendly Content
It’s not enough to just target your customers on mobile—you have to create content and advertising specifically designed for a smaller screen. When designing your mobile marketing campaign, remember to use short copy, attention-grabbing pictures and ensure you’re linking to mobile-friendly landing pages.

It’s important to have a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy, but it can quickly become overwhelming for many business owners. If you’re struggling with how to reach your customers on mobile,
contact one of our marketing specialists today!

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