Local Services Ads and Google Guarantee Canada

Local Service ads, which are backed by a Google Guarantee are now available in Canada. These ads generate leads and allow businesses to communicate with customers through the Local Services ad app or website portal and will show up in searches with a Google Guaranteed badge.

Local Service ads are featured at the top of the search results page—above search ads, map locations and organic searches. On mobile, the service ads are featured predominantly on the search page. In both environments, Local Service ads are now the main paid advertising for service-based businesses like HVAC companies.

Google Guaranteed

Google Guarantee Canada
To run Local Service ads, your business has to be Google Guaranteed.

Employees will need to pass a background check and all business licenses and insurance details have been verified directly by Google. Once information has been confirmed, your business will display the Google Guarantee icon, which lets customers know they are dealing with a verified business.

An added benefit is that Google Guaranteed businesses come with a $2,000 money back guarantee. If a client books a service through a Google Local Service ad and is not satisfied, Google will reimburse the customer up to $2000.

While Local Service Ads are available in Canada, they are restricted to only a few test markets and specific industries. Currently, only locksmiths, plumbers and HVAC contractors are eligible to sign-up.

Local Service Ads not yet available in your area?

If your business doesn’t yet qualify for Local Service ads because of location or industry, you should be focusing on collecting Google Reviews. Having a number of positive Google Reviews will help you get verfied when Ads are eventually available and will help with ranking.

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