Wondering Where Your Facebook Reviews Went? They’re Now Facebook Recommendations

Facebook has been making significant changes to their platform and one upgrade that has caught many business owners off guard is the switch from Facebook Reviews to Facebook Recommendations. If you’re wondering where all your reviews have gone—they’re still there—they just look a little different.

Why the Change?
Facebook says moving from Facebook Reviews to Facebook Recommendations will better help small businesses connect with their customers.1 Instead of using the 5-star rating system, users are encouraged to use text, photos and tags to describe their experience.Facebook recommendations will appear on a business page under the Reviews tab, but will also appear in Facebook’s Local or Community tab. Recommendations will also be featured prominently in discussions about your businesses—allowing your business to gain additional exposure.

Another good feature change is the ability to easily report spam, abusive or fraudulent recommendations. In the past, it was hard to remove Facebook Reviews—even if they were clearly unfair or irrelevant—now there will be more options for businesses to moderate recommendations.

For now, the old rating system will still be shown allowing business to capitalize on previous positive reviews. Users will no longer have the ability to rate a business out of 5-stars but are able to view past star-ratings.

We think this is a positive change for our clients as recommendations have the ability to reach a greater amount of people and could carry more weight than a review. Because Recommendations can significantly impact your business, it’s important that you have a strategy in place to ask customers for their honest feedback after using your service.

If you need help managing Facebook Recommendations,
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1 Helping People Connect with Local Businesses


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