Creating mobile-optimized sites are no longer an option—they’re a necessity. In the last year, we’ve seen all of our clients’ mobile traffic drastically increase and over half of all website traffic now comes from smartphones. This shift has had an effect on our digital marketing strategies and we’ve seen an increase in lead generation by making adjustments to accommodate mobile browsing.

Everyone knows the importance of mobile loading speeds and ensuring sites load quickly; however, It’s also important to address the use of videos. Although video is engaging content for a website, it can be tricky on mobile as it can slow down loading times and frustrate users. Many people don’t want videos to autoplay on sites because it’s a drain on data and could potentially drive customers away. Instead of slowing down a mobile site with video, use it as a tool on social media to drive customers to your site.

Along with page speeds, layout is extremely important as well. With a smaller screen, you have to edit the information on pages and ensure that the most important content is being highlighted and that images, if any, are small. This means you should be devoting time to designing mobile sites, not just relying on a responsive design to shrink current content.

According to Google, 76% of Canadian smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies whose mobile sites help them easily find answers to their questions. That means quality and relevant content is just as important on mobile as it is on desktop.

An interesting trend we’ve noticed with some of our clients is that phone-calls have drastically increased due to mobile optimization of pages. Some consumers are opting to use call buttons, rather than fill out forms, when browsing on mobile. This means that if you’re solely relying on form submissions for your leads, you might notice a drop in quality leads as people flock to businesses that display prominent call buttons.

It’s important to have a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy, but it can quickly become overwhelming for many business owners.

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