SEO is NOT a Standalone Service, It’s a Result!

Anyone that has been involved with their digital marketing strategy has likely heard the term SEO. An acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”, it’s often described as a set of practices that help rank your website for relevant keywords in your industry. Some businesses sell this as a standalone service, but it’s actually the result of a solid digital marketing strategy and execution.

In order to rank organically, you need a well thought out marketing plan; everything from picking the right domain name and ensuring fast load times to posting articles that are informative and educational. Even ads need to be created in a way that they drive a specific audience to your site. Your SEO will increase as a result of these types of smart digital marketing decisions.

Website Development
When building a website, every part of the build needs to be optimized. This includes selecting the right domain name and hosting, correctly structuring the site, and choosing the best platform. Every decision affects how your site is crawled, searched and ultimately ranked and a knowledgeable team has the experience to build a search engine friendly site.

Content Marketing
Keeping content on your site fresh and informative is crucial to rank your site for multiple keywords. Choosing the right topics, incorporating keywords and using the right style and tone are important, but the primary focus should be creating quality content. Producing informative content for your audience will automatically have the result of boosting your SEO.

Ad Creation and PPC Campaigns
Too many businesses believe SEO and paid advertising are two separate marketing strategies; however, they are closely linked. A successful PPC campaign should drive quality traffic to your site, increasing conversions which can ultimately help improve organic ranking.

A comprehensive marketing plan will automatically boost your SEO, it shouldn’t be a separate service you pay for. SEO is not something that can be successfully done by itself outside of other digital marketing initiatives.

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