Building A Brand Using Social Media

Building a strong, recognizable brand is as important now as it has ever been. In this digital age, consumers have the luxury of being able to look up and compare companies across every industry online, providing them with greater insights into the products or services they are purchasing. With the number of “online only” businesses growing steadily, it can be easy for a business to get lost among the competition.

Your branding should be something customers can look at and immediately connect to your business. Whether that is a stylistic choice in your advertising, the promotion of an extremely unique product or service, or even having an exclusive celebrity spokesperson, you want consumers to be able to correlate your brand with your business.

The best place to start building your brand is somewhere that potential consumers will be able to see and engage with it, giving you insights into what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we suggest using a social media platform like Facebook.

According to Statista, Facebook reported almost 1.58 billion daily active users during the second quarter of 2019. That is a massive number of people who are logging onto the social media giant every day. While every user may not be in your location or part of your target demographic, your business can strategically choose who sees your branded marketing materials.

You can connect to audiences on Facebook using a number of different ad formats and objectives, and seemingly endless targeting parameters. If your business’s objective is to build upon your brand, developing a Facebook advertising strategy that focuses on Awareness is the route to go. Boosting ads for awareness on Facebook exposes your business to the audience most likely to be interested in what you are offering. They will help you reach more people in your area and build your brand through content designed not solely for conversions.

There are other advertising objectives you can take advantage of on Facebook, those being creating ads for Consideration and Conversions. Consideration campaigns encourage users to learn more about your business by taking them off of Facebook and driving them to your own native website. Conversion campaigns push customers to purchase your product or service, relying heavily on CTAs (Call-To-Actions).

While Facebook is a great place to start building your online reputation, utilizing other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram will help strengthen your identity online.

Getting your brand started on Facebook can be tricky to figure out, as it takes a carefully thought out strategy and allocation of budget to be sure you are reaching the proper audience. If you want to start building your brand, but are nervous about wasting time and resources on something you are inexperienced with, that’s where we come in.

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