Data & Analytics

Data is the key to optimizing marketing efforts.

Data and analytics is at the core of everything we do. We have the tools to gather and read the data and the experience and know-how to act on it. All of our strategies are 100% backed by data-based insights. We move beyond the standard marketing analytics and measure what matters most – your customer Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). We focus on the marketing data that shows the value marketing brings to your bottom line. This helps us develop a more effective marketing strategy that’s centred around increasing revenue and decreasing your CPA. Some call us a Marketing Analytics Agency, but you can just call us “that company that gets us results”.



We empower our clients to become insights-driven organizations by not only collecting data but recognizing and extracting the value from it. In other words, we put this powerful data to use, whether it’s for precise ad targeting, conversion optimization, or SEO.

Tracking & Monitoring

Idig tracks and monitors all kinds of data to zero-in on what drives consumer actions so we can refine marketing campaigns and optimize your return on investment. We leverage advanced marketing analytics tools including GA (Universal Analytics), GA4 (Google Analytics), Supermetrics and Tableau to enhance decision making.


Every month, your individual account manager will meet with you for a program review to discuss the success and progress of your campaigns. We make reporting a priority to ensure transparency. We utilize these reports to make better marketing decisions, improve return on ad spend, optimize conversions, and maintain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Strategy & Implementation

The path to success starts with a solid strategy. We accumulate insights to better inform our strategies as we track and collect data. We delve into these data and analytics to constantly refine and strengthen your campaign strategies. Driven by insights about buying patterns, engagement trends, etc., we make recommendations and implement tweaks to campaigns for greater results.

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How Data & Analytics increase success/improve business

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Improve the performance of ads, creative, and messaging
  • Simplify and enhance the customer experience 
  • Inform where and how to spend on ads 
  • Get a better return on investment in campaigns
  • Understand consumer demands and trends
  • Optimize and differentiate products for consumers

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