Transform your business with iDIG’s digital solutions.

Robust digital solutions are a balance of strong back-end systems, engaging user experiences, custom components, and clean, visually-appealing design. iDIG Marketing’s team is among the best at this balancing act. We are experts at combining and integrating these elements to find the perfect balance for your business and lead you to new possibilities.

Development Services

From web design and responsive mobile applications to e-Commerce stores and full CRM systems, we create digital solutions to drive your business. We consider ourselves much more than just a web design and development company – we are your partner in business!

Website Design & Development

Our in-house team tackles website design and development from more than just a creative angle. We design functional websites that attract and capture your target audience. We go beyond web design, and develop a user flow that guides users through your site and influences them to take action.

Integrated Business Solutions

Disconnected technologies and disjointed business processes hurt your bottom line. iDIG repairs and optimizes your operation with our integrated business solutions. We work through your biggest challenges and implement a seamless solution. We break down silos and connect the dots to improve and automate business processes to boost ROI.


Our e-Commerce development experience consists of decades of creating custom e-Commerce platforms that boost sales, enhance ROI, and increase audience outreach. iDIG relies on proven strategies to develop secure online ordering systems and e-Commerce stores that are easy to use and highly intuitive for maximum conversions.

Website Maintenance

We provide ongoing maintenance to websites we’ve built from scratch, redesigned, reworked, or enhanced. With iDIG in your corner,  you’ll always have the full support of our maintenance team to manage the health, performance, and security of your website.

Hosting & Security

iDIG takes security seriously, whether for your website, e-Commerce platform, or other digital systems. Our clients sleep well at night knowing that their business is completely cared for and safe under our protection. Our tech team prioritizes security across every system and is always up to date on the latest web safety and security technology.

System Integrations

We integrate everything from modern POS/CRM platforms to antiquated manufacturing systems. If you need your systems integrated, we can do it. Having spent over 20 years in web development, we have seen it all!

Need a Complete Business Management Solution?

iDIG has developed a business management platform that automates lead generation, scheduling, employee management, payroll and much more. With several active clients currently using the platform, we can tailor the system to meet your business's specific needs.

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