Get more sales with a custom e-Commerce solution.

We’re an e-Commerce development agency with decades of experience building e-Commerce websites that boost sales, enhance ROI, and increase audience outreach. iDIG implements proven strategies to create e-Commerce platforms and online stores that generate and convert more leads.

Industry-Specific e-Commerce

We’re proud to deliver successful e-Commerce solutions for clients in a variety of industries, in both the B2B and B2C realms. In collaboration with our clients and drawing on industry best practices, our team develops user-friendly digital shopping experiences that turn browsers into buyers.

Scalable e-Commerce Solutions

Our e-Commerce platforms are designed and developed with your customer in mind. We build robust, intuitive, and scalable online stores. We enhance existing e-Commerce platforms to improve performance. Leveraging customer and sales data, we reach and convert your target audience to hit revenue targets.

Top e-Commerce CMS Systems

Our e-Commerce development team has extensive experience with all the leading e-Commerce CMS platforms.

  • Woo Commerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Big Commerce

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e-Commerce Services

We develop your e-Commerce platform from the ground up and support you every step of the way.

Responsive Design with the Customer in Mind

First, we seek to understand your business and your customers. Then we design a customer journey that converts a window shopper into a buyer. All of our designs are device-responsive, strategic and customer-centric for maximum performance.

Intuitive Back-end & Front-end Development

Our highly experienced dev team builds out the e-Commerce platform according to the strategic design. Constructing each component carefully, we develop platforms that are easy to use, manageable, and connected with your other business systems.

Integration for Smoother Business Operation

Our integration gurus ensure your e-Commerce site is fully and properly integrated so you can easily run your business. We integrate all necessary components, including CRMs, ERPs, order management, shipping management, fulfillment centres, and accounting.

Continued Support for Continued Success

Our relationship doesn’t end when the development of your e-Commerce platform is complete. We continue to provide support, resolving technical problems, troubleshooting issues, fixing bugs, and making updates so you continue to be successful.

Why Choose iDIG for Your e-Commerce Website Development

1. Simple Solutions That Work

Let’s cut out all the jargon here. We develop all of our websites and e-Commerce solutions so that they’re simple for you to use. Our designs are practical and our solutions work. We learn about our client and their customers and we put together a solution that works for them. 

2. We Know What We’re Doing

We’ve been developing websites and e-Commerce platforms for a long time. We’ve been in business for 15 years and our dev team has over 20 years’ experience. We’ve evolved with the market and kept ahead of the curve. We build platforms for our clients to sell their services and products and increase their revenues.

3. We Get the Results You Want

We get to know you and your business. We spend a lot of time talking to our clients so we can truly understand their business and their goals. We take the results you want and back-engineer a roadmap to get there. Then, we build the vehicle that takes you there. We implement solutions specifically designed to achieve your business goals.

4. We Develop, Manage, and Grow Your Business

We’re unique because we don’t just develop and leave you to figure everything out. We design and develop the solution that improves your business, then we help you manage it all. And we don’t stop there. We continue to work to help grow your business through platform improvements, ad optimization, and data-backed strategies.

5. We Become Your Partner in Business

We thoroughly understand that your success is also our success. That’s why we foster strong relationships with our clients. We work hard to help you succeed because it means we succeed right along with you. Our team becomes a part of your team, taking on your business goals as our own.

e-Commerce Website Development FAQ

Can you deliver my e-Commerce project end-end?

Sure can! We’ll take you from the initial consultation through design, development, integration, marketing services, and support after the fact. We’ve got the team to carry you through from beginning to end.

What is the turnaround time for a new website?

The timeline for each project depends on what’s involved. The more complex and feature-heavy the site, the more time it will take. Once we understand your project better, we provide realistic and accurate timelines.

Generally, a basic web development project takes our team around 4-8 weeks. However, this depends on how quickly we get the necessary materials and information for each phase of development. A client’s availability for feedback and input also affects the timeline.

Can you integrate my CRM? How about an ERP?

Absolutely! As we mentioned, we’re integration specialists.

What is the cost to develop an e-Commerce website?

It really depends on what’s involved. Every platform is unique and has different requirements. We can discuss your needs and provide you with a more accurate estimate. When we quote a project, we typically provide a range so that there are no surprises, and to account for instances where new information is revealed or something was left out of the original scope. Contact iDIG to get started.

Which e-Commerce development sectors do you have experience in?

We’ve worked in both the B2B and B2C spaces, with a multitude of clients in a number of different sectors. This has provided us with the experience to make an impact on your business growth, no matter the industry. From financial services, fashion and beauty, to home services, sports, and software – we’ve got you covered.

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