Leading HBC’s Digital Transformation of Financial Services

“iDIG’s knowledge, expertise and responsiveness have been exceptional to date! Although you know a lot more than we do, you communicate in a manner that is clear and makes us feel confident our best interests are always being served. You have some great people who are a lot of fun and engaging!”
– Imran Ali, Director Insurance and Enhancement Services, HBFS

Hudson’s Bay Financial Services is a division of the Hudson’s Bay Company, one of Canada’s largest and oldest corporations. Hudson’s Bay Financial Services is a life and general insurance agency, incorporated in 2006. Hudson’s Bay Financial Services is licensed to conduct life, accident and sickness, and property and casualty business in all provinces in Canada.


Hudson’s Bay Financial Services needed to maintain and grow insurance partner sales by developing consumer awareness and the benefits of earning rewards.

Working and coordinating with many different management teams and dozens of insurance partners, of all different types from Home & Auto, Pet and almost every type of insurance in between.


Web Design/Developement
Creative & Graphic Design


iDIG’s solution, which took place over almost 10 years, was to transform HBFS into a business extension of financial services.

Strategy & Branding

  • Formulated an overarching strategy for the major evolution of this unique program, involving cross-promoting products.
  • Devised, executed and managed a content marketing strategy to build brand identity and recognition.  
  • Created a more cohesive user experience through all products and pages, promoting Hudson’s Bay as the lead brand for all product offerings, effectively using their brand to sell partner products.


  • Ongoing strategically planned ad campaigns corresponding to the dozen-plus insurance partners. Customized and strategically focused and managed Google Adwords involving retargeting campaigns, Instagram and Facebook.

Content Marketing

  • Produced blogs, videos, and other content that aligned with the new branding to promote HBFS and their insurance partners to reach a wider audience.
  • Shared and boosted content in a multi-channel approach, across Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn., and Facebook.
  • Through a strategic content program, we told the brand’s story, promoting insurance offerings with Hudson’s Bay at the forefront.

Web Development

  • Designed and developed a completely new website, starting with a basic blog site and evolving into the current version over multiple evolutionary builds.
  • Performed database setup, configuration, management, admin portal build, website management, and AODA implementation.
  • Completed custom integrations with each partner individually. 


  • iDIG undertook a complete strategic overhaul of the HBFS brand, as well as the partner integrations, creating a unique brand identity consumers came to recognize and trust.
  • Crystallized the value proposition of “Buy Insurance and Earn Rewards.”
  • Built upon their story and started telling it through images, videos, landing pages, ads, and posts aligned with the branding, ultimately growing the brand.


iDIG increased brand awareness exponentially, resulting in leads that benefited both the partners and Hudson’s Bay. In the process, iDIG was retained by many of these companies separately to help develop and grow their digital presence for HBFS and in general.

Growth! Exponential growth of awareness, relevance and sales.
A customer-centric environment where consumers purchase insurance products & are rewarded with Hudson’s Bay Rewards points.
A program that far exceeded original objectives delivering much higher engagement, a broader audience, longer time on page and sales.
Increased organic traffic by over 1000’s%.
Annual traffic growth of over 20% and sales of relevant insurance services.

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