Integrated Business Solutions

Streamline your business with seamless, integrated solutions.

Disconnected technologies and disjointed business processes hurt your bottom line. Fortunately, we’re experts at integrated business solutions. Our high-calibre team, proven methodologies, and practical solutions qualify us to tackle your biggest challenges. We break down silos, connect the dots, and consolidate core applications to optimize and automate business processes, ultimately boosting ROI.

Integrated Business Services

Tailored Solutions Through Technology Audits

We analyze your current technology and business applications and use our knowledge of web services, architecture and various technologies to outline a plan to achieve better results. We strategically stitch together different systems and technologies to enhance performance and simplify operations

Integrations for Better Business Operations

iDIG’s robust team back-engineers the solutions your business needs based on the results you want. Whether connecting existing systems, configuring relevant plugins, or integrating CRMs and ERPs, we focus on implementing sensible solutions that leverage technology to meet your business goals. We then continue to secure and support this critical infrastructure.

Precision & Productivity with the Help of Automation

Automating your business processes frees you up to focus on running your business. idig pinpoints opportunities for automation to make your business function with the precision of a machine. We configure automation tools like CRMs, email platforms, and chatbots to reduce redundancies, simplify workflows, and maximize conversions.

Implementation of Systems for Maximum Efficiency

We solve your unique business challenges using relevant technologies. We implement and integrate the tools you need to help your business run more smoothly and efficiently. We’ve been successfully deploying custom, integrated solutions that drive profits, productivity, and performance for almost two decades.

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Boost Profits with Integrated Business Solutions

Imagine a single solution that automates vital business processes. A perfectly-timed and personalized follow-up email turns into a new customer. An abandoned cart suddenly checks out. Reviews from previous customers magically appear. Inquiries are handled by robots when you’re unavailable. 

That’s what iDIG does. Let us integrate and automate your business systems so you get better leads, more customers, increased referrals, and shining reviews. With our help, the digital side of your business will basically run itself. 


We understand that you’re busy and can’t be at your desk all the time to respond to inquiries. With our chatbot integration, you’ll never miss another opportunity again. 

Subscription Renewal

Don’t lose out on revenue from subscriptions that are set to expire. Ask iDIG to configure automated subscription renewals.

Review Requests

Your reputation is everything. Most customers read reviews before they decide to do business with you. Rake in reviews with a rewards for reviews program.

SMS Notifications

Keep people informed. Notify admins of potential threats and alert customers to discounts or upcoming credit card expirations via automated SMS notifications.

Automatic Emails

Drum up more business. Use automatic emails to win back inactive customers, send order confirmations, share personalized coupons, and so much more. 


Let your salespeople close deals. Let a CRM manage everything after. We’ll configure and integrate a customer management system with your other applications.

Accounting & Invoicing

Take the pain out of invoicing and accounting by automating it. iDIG can set you up with accounting software that connects with relevant business systems.

Need a Complete Business Management Solution?

iDIG has developed a business management platform that automates lead generation, scheduling, employee management, payroll and much more. With several active clients currently using the platform, we can tailor the system to meet your business's specific needs.

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