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Daikin TV Commercial

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Daikin / A1 Air Conditioning Radio Spots

We recently recorded a radio commercial with Geri Hall; a Canadian comedian that you may know from This Hour Has 22 Minutes. She was kind enough to help us continue to spread comfort all across the GTA, like we’ve done since 1967.

Team Harding Air Conditioning Radio Spots

Yo’ Air Conditioner is so old, it was installed when the FIRST Trudeau was in office!

If that’s true, it might be time to start evaluating your home comfort needs. Most home comfort systems will start costing you money once they’re between 10 and 15 years old. Not only do most warranties expire by that time, but your system will also start to be less efficient and need more repairs due to part failures.

Luckily, replacing that old clunker is more affordable than ever with Team Harding.

In fact, your air conditioner is so old, we might replace it for free! We’re looking for the oldest air conditioner in Ottawa, and when we find it, we’re offering a free Daikin replacement.

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