Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Decide what results mean to you, and only pay for them

As one of the first adopters of digital marketing we have been working with Google & Facebook Ads since their inception.

Our focus is consistent & focused on conversion based optimization. Some of our favourite ad formats include:

Google Responsive Display Ads
Google Search & Call Ads
Facebook Boost & Lead Ads
Instagram Carousel & Shopping Ads
Google Shopping / Merchant Account Ads

A History of Proven Results

idig has proven results doubling and tripling our clients’ revenues, increasing conversion rates & improving branding equity. We love numbers and build with a conversion-optimizing focus. 

Use the power of demographic & interest targeting to run effective ads on thousands of mobile apps and websites.

With Audience Network, you can run campaigns across publishers and environments using demographic & interest targeting capabilities, ad formats and management tools. Your ads will reach people on a growing network of high-quality mobile apps and websites, especially in gaming apps where players are deeply engaged.

Google provides a plethora of ways to reach your ideal customer. We will recommend what suits your business best based on your objectives but some of our favourite ad formats include:

  • Responsive Display – Excellent for brand awareness & remarketing
  • Responsive Search – Ideal for catching high intent shoppers
  • Call Only & Call Extensions – Outstanding for service industries looking to book right away
  • Video Ads – Another dynamic avenue for raising brand awareness

Our Philosophy

Conversion optimization lies at the heart of our PPC strategy. In many cases those conversions are easy to define: sales, service calls, form submissions. In other cases they are more nuanced & clients require our help defining them. We work with you to determine how you define success in your business. Our PPC strategy is customized to each business & we don’t utilize any cookie cutter or autopilot techniques. You accounts will be reviewed & optimized daily by real eyes. 

Track your sales & watch us do our magic

 We share all ad accounts with you offering the highest level of transparency. In addition we meet or Zoom monthly to take you through the months insights & strategize where to focus going forward. In this regard you can put your mind at ease & let us do the heavy lifting. Sit back & watch us do our thing!

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