The continuous growth of communication channels and consumer hotspots creates complications for small and big businesses alike. We offer solutions. Using web development, social engagement, mass media, content creation, analytic results, promotional strategies and e-commerce, we’re able to generate tailored programs that grow your brand, audience and revenue.


Web Development

We design, host and manage your online headquarters. The goal of all our other solutions is to lead back here, where we’ll display your call-to-action in all its glory.

Your website should be the anchor of your business and we’ll work collaboratively to shape it into the online representation of your brand. Embrace the future and we’ll create a home page to entrench you as a thought leader in your industry.


Social Engagement

Social engagement is the free and easy way to grow your brand. Through everyday posts and connections with your audience, you’re constantly creating new customers.

We analyze your business to make recommendations on what social platforms fit your niche, thus optimizing your online presence. Social seeding, customer service and custom content will contribute to the growth of your audience and brand.



Consider us the shape shift marketers – we’re whoever you need us to be. We produce TV, radio, online and print advertising depending on the custom needs of all our clients.

With more media options than ever, it’s important to understand what will work best in your industry. We’ll make personalized media recommendations based on what we know to be the most effective in any industry and then execute.


Content Creation

In 1996, Bill Gates said “content is king” and that still rings true today. The amount of “Likes” or “Followers” you have doesn’t matter if they’re not engaged. Only a small percentage of your audience sees your posts and to maximize their potential, you need original, creative content.

Utilizing blog posts, graphics, GIFs and videos, we keep things light and informative while maintaining a professional perspective within your field.


Analytic Results

We’re a business of accountability. Using online and offline analytics, we’re able to gather direct results of all other business solutions.

We provide reports and in-person presentations on a monthly basis and around your schedule. Included will be the performance of all social accounts, the quality of your website traffic and recommendations for your continued growth.


Promotional Strategies

Our promotional strategy is constantly evolving based on our clients’ industries and our own. Your personal promotions can be built through a combination of web, print, radio and television advertising.

Each form of advertising is used to generate organic interest in your brand online or over the phone, but different industries experience better results in different forms. The first step in your promotional strategy is to contact us.



E-commerce makes business E-Z. By designing, creating and maintaining your e-commerce solution we’re able to offer business without borders.

If you’re not offering e-commerce already, you’re either falling behind your competitors or you have an opportunity to move past them. We offer advanced scheduling systems and custom built e-commerce solutions for business of all kinds.


Program Management

We’re an all-encompassing marketing partner. Starting a program with idig is the only marketing solution you need to understand. Leave everything else to us.

Communication with your team representative is your main role in allowing us to understand your business plan and from there we can contribute to your growth. Disseminating your message in the way you intended is a precise science and we have the formula.

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