Our strategic capabilities are some of our greatest assets.

The power of digital marketing is clear. But, unleashing a directionless digital marketing campaign won’t yield results. You must have a digital marketing strategy and a clear path to success. Without this, you spend money and get nothing in return. iDIG gets you the results you want and need with winning digital marketing campaigns built on solid strategies.

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency.

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is essential for business growth. Understanding audiences, generating relevant traffic and turning visitors into customers is where iDIG adds real value. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we look at the entire marketing picture from website visitor to happy customer – and everything in between.

One size doesn’t fit all.

We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to digital marketing. Instead, we take the time to understand your organization and customers so we can recommend a strategy based on your individual business needs. At the end of the day, our focus is on optimizing your digital marketing program to achieve the very lowest Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

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Data & Analytics: The Core of iDIG’s Strategy

At the core of everything we do lies data and analytics. Going beyond standard marketing analytics, we focus on what matters most – customer Cost Per Acquisition. Our main priority is to dispatch digital marketing campaigns that add to your bottom line. We harness the power of data and analytics to implement a digital marketing strategy that increases revenue and decreases your CPA.

Our Process

Website Audit

Before we can lay out a clear path to success and a solid digital marketing strategy, we must first perform a website audit. In this step, we inspect your website and analyze your digital presence. Our web experts will evaluate your website’s performance, usability, security, and search engine rankings. We’ll sweep your entire digital space for technical and non-technical issues.

Brand & Market Evaluation

Next, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your brand and place within the market. We’ll go beyond your website and investigate your Google Business Profile and other business directory listings. We’ll also complete a thorough competitor analysis to familiarize ourselves with your competitors to gain insight into their strengths, weaknesses, and marketing strategies. All of this will inform our branding and marketing strategies.

Data & Analytics Assessment

iDIG will then complete a detailed assessment of all the available data and analytics. This includes but is not limited to, the data gathered from the previous step, as well as keyword research, buying patterns, engagement trends, conversion rates, average customer acquisition costs, etc. Our team will identify technical issues, optimization opportunities, and trends.

Strategic Recommendations

The final step is to review and implement our strategic recommendations. Based on insights gleaned from our audit, evaluation and assessment, we’ll present you with strategic recommendations and a clear course of action. It might include a website redesign, reputation management, content optimization, paid advertisements, e-Commerce development, local SEO, and much more.

Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Throwing up a website, paying for some ads, and using some keywords won’t magically grow your business. Digital marketing has evolved. It’s a very competitive landscape. Brands must have a specific and proven digital marketing strategy in order to see results. You need a clearly-defined plan to get where you want to go.

Running digital marketing campaigns blindly, without a solid strategy, will fail. Your competitors are following a strict strategy and that gives them the edge. To surpass your competitors – and even just to keep up – your business requires a formal strategy constructed from a detailed analysis of keywords, KPIs, competitors, engagement, buying trends, etc. 

Ultimately, a digital marketing strategy will grow your business and help you achieve your goals faster. Investing in a tailored digital marketing strategy for your business means investing in your future and long-term success.

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