5 Really Cool Wearable Tech Gadgets

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There is no doubt… the future is here.

The rat race to design, develop and fine-tune the next revolutionary gadget is on. Wearable tech blew up in 2013 and so we can only expect big things to come this year. We’re pretty much a stone-throw away from a full-out Star Trek or Minority Report style world.

There are tons of these high-tech toys out there – some good and some well, seemingly pointless. Here is our list of 5 devices that we think are pretty cool.


Google Glass

The much anticipated, much talked about Google Glass features a 5 MP camera, Google Search, turn-by-turn directions, voice translation, reminders, notifications, Google Now updates, voice dictation and gesture control, voice calls and video chat.

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Meta Spaceglasses

This is probably one of the coolest technological advancements in a long time and is taking augmented reality to a whole new level… while giving Google Glass a real run for its money. The glasses feature 15 times the screen area of Google Glass, 3-D display, 3-D surround sound, 3-D camera, premium quality Carl Zeiss lenses, mirroring of your computer and phone (see video), Zeroui technology (design hologram items with your hands and then bring them to life using a 3-D printer), and access to the Meta Appstore.

Must see to believe…

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Fitbit Force Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

Arguably the best activity tracker on the market, the Fitbit Force tracks your steps, distance, stairs climbed, calories burned and active minutes. It features an OLED display, clock, sleep monitor (that wakes you with a silent alarm) – all while wirelessly connecting to your mobile device and syncing your progress.

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Pebble Steel

The most popular of the smart watches, the Pebble Steel features a new elegant design, notifications, apps with access to the Pebble Appstore, RGB LED, 5-7 day battery life, and fitness tracker.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear

The Galaxy Gear features phone notifications, hands-free calling, voice control, 1.9 MP camera, apps, fitness tracker, phone locator, and auto lock/unlock. While the device received notably mixed reviews, the upcoming updated version – Galaxy Gear 2 – is expected to address many of the issues that the previous version faced. Rumour is the launch could be as early as next week.

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