How To Run A KILLER Contest On Social Media

You are the winner

Everybody loves a good contest.

What’s not to love? Your company attracts some new fans (which could translate into new customers) and your contestants get the chance to take home some free stuff. It’s an all-around win-win.

They give you the perfect opportunity to get creative, build stronger relationships with your followers and ultimately learn more about those followers. 

Here at idig, we consider ourselves contest enthusiasts – last year we ran over 100 successful contests. Concepts have ranged from music talent searches to all-out scavenger hunts.

Here are our tips for running a successful contest.


Know the rules

First and foremost, you have to thoroughly read and follow the rules set forth by whatever social network you are choosing to run your contest on. Networks like Facebook can be pretty strict when deciding what they will and will not allow. The rules are available right on their websites.

Facebook Guidelines:

Twitter Guidelines:


Have a great prize

There is no point in launching a contest if you will be skimping out on the prize. To get great results, you need a great prize. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be an expensive prize – make it creative, think outside the box.


Ask contestants to “Follow” or “Like” you in order to participate

Many of the contest participants could very well be new to your page. So, why not make it a rule – contestants are required to FOLLOW us in order to participate.


Have well-designed, themed graphics

Posts with graphics get more engagement than strictly text-based posts. Make sure that your images are well designed and eye-catching. Tacky images will make your company look bad.


Include full rules and regulations

Have rules and regs for every contest. This will help you avoid potential misunderstandings than can quickly turn sour. Have a professional draft your rules – visit your legal department if you have one.


Send out plenty of reminders

The contest should be front-and-centre on all of your networks, send out reminders, updates and teasers. This is particularly true for fast-moving social newsfeeds like Twitter.


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