Is It Share Worthy?


The rules of cyber conduct demand that you share if you find something cool online. After all, it’s the humane thing to do. But how do we know exactly what is “cool” enough to actually create some buzz on social?

Follow these tips to get you closer to the results your inner social junkie is craving.

Does it have the WOW factor?

The “wow” factor is key. Whatever you’re sharing has to make you feel something – whether it’s shock and awe, anger, sadness, or just makes you laugh hysterically. Chances are that if you feel this way, others will too.

Be the first to share.

You have to be on it. As soon as the story breaks you are there, waiting patiently to hit share. You can scroll through your favourite sites, check Google News, talk to your friends – whatever you do, just try to be among the first to share in order to really create that buzz. Being the two-hundred-and-twenty-first person to share a link just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Speak to your audience.

Get to know your audience. What are their interests? What are they posting about? Who are they following? Your followers are your followers for a reason; clearly you talk about something they’re interested in. That’s why real buzz worthy content will likely be something related to (or loosely related to) your business.

Create colourful lead-ins.

Simply using the title of the article as your social lead-in might not make the cut. Why? Well because most people are probably doing the same thing. And you really don’t want to be “most people”. Use those writing skills to create an eye-catching social lead-in.


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