How the Removal of Google Sidebar Ads Affects your Marketing Strategy

Not long ago, it was announced that Google would be removing sidebar ads from their search results, and the changes have already begun.

The Google sidebar ads that will be removed do not include Product Listing Ads (PLAs). These ads are especially helpful for e-commerce organizations because they can showcase your product with an image, a feature not available in any other google advertising.

With these changes being made, all ads other than PLAs will be in bidding for text ads placed at the top and bottom of the page. At the top, which is obviously the more desirable location, there will be up to four ads displayed contingent on the keyword competition. Depending on the device that the search is performed that can sometimes mean that no organic search options are displayed without scrolling.

Many marketers are wondering what this will mean for their advertising – particularly focusing on whether or not it will increase their cost per click (CPC).

While the results differ based on the search and we won’t know too much about the average change in price until the changes are around for longer, it’s fair to assume it will. It’s simple supply and demand. There are fewer spots available at first glance in a search, without any change in the amount of users bidding for the space, so the prices will probably rise.

At idig Marketing, we already use tactics such as long-tail and niche keywords to find high-conversion, low-cost search traffic, but those will become more popular out of necessity.

As always, we’ll continue to adjust our strategies as more information becomes available with these changes, but one thing to consider is whether or not some people will take their ads to Bing and Yahoo. Do a quick search or “Bing ads cheaper than Google” and you’ll see that many people already claim that they experience cheaper rates on Bing.

If some are already feeling this way, any increase in CPC will surely cause Google to lose some customers to their competitors. However, as the most popular search engine, they will continue to remain an integral part of marketing strategies around the world.

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