List of Marketing Trends to Watch

If there is one thing we continue to learn in 2016, it’s that marketing is always evolving. Brands must focus on improving the customer experience and marketing in a digital-first world.

Emerging channels like video, mobile and social media are creating more ad view abilities, while extended opportunities are becoming more apparent. You can now place an ad anywhere at any time and many users don’t even realize they’re being advertised to.

We are only months away from 2017 and all businesses want to make sure they’re staying competitive and focusing on how to create relatable content.

The following will drive engagement and conversion in 2017:

  • The best content will survive:

There is an abundance of content produced by marketers daily. Standing-out is becoming increasingly difficult. Capturing your audience’s attention demands skill and knowledge.

  • Social ads:

Boosting ad posts on Facebook, for example, is an excellent and inexpensive way to share content and drive engagement to attract a new, valuable audience.

  • Podcasts:

Podcasts are an excellent social tool to take advantage of. They are a perfect way to advertise content sharing, brand building and advertising. Listeners seldom skip through ads and a growing number of people listen to podcasts (including everyone on the idig team)! According to Edison, The average listener tunes in to six podcasts a week. Podcasts are on the rise, and it just may the perfect opportunity for you to drive engagement to your brand.

There are many other trends to look for and the team at idig Marketing can help you use them and allow your business to succeed.

If you want to learn more about trends to watch, creating content, SEM, analytics and insights on how you can increase your marketing ROI, contact us at [email protected]


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