Essentials For Building Your Brand With Social Media

What are the building blocks and essentials for creating a successful social media base?

Whether you’re selling a product, trying to gain followers or attempting to persuade people for a cause, your audience needs to be able to find you first:

Facebook: For most, Facebook is the best platform for promoting brand awareness as millions visit Facebook every day. It is great to promote content and various types of campaigns. Facebook provides detailed insights on how well your ads perform in general and in relation to your target audience.

Instagram: A great option for the brands where images speak for themselves. Clothing brands and retailers, this social platform is where you will shine.

Pinterest: The place on the web to show off through images. This is especially useful for brands selling food, clothing or jewelry to upload their products and allow users to “pin” them and share amongst themselves.

LinkedIn: This is the forum for business related content sharing and connecting with other corporate influencers.

When you’ve chosen the best platforms for your brand, it’s time to build on them by providing valuable and shareable content. If you focus on creating useful content, viewers will want to share what they gather from you with their friends, which in turn allows more people to learn about what you have to offer.

Points to consider when creating content:

  • Every piece of content you share needs to support your brand image.
  • Determine what content will have a better likelihood to gain visibility on your network by seeing what’s trending online.
  • Be visual, even on Facebook or Twitter. Content with visuals receives 94% more views than plain text.
  • #HASHTAG so people can click and access more relevant material about what you’re talking about.
  • Tag people you’re referencing because you never know who might see it.
  • Email influencers when publishing content about them, they may want to promote you back or share what you’ve published to their own audience.
  • Start campaigns or contests as incentive to associate with your brand.
  • Try to influence people to set up alerts when you’ve tweeted or a created a new post.
  • Finally, keep in mind that “boosting” through paid content works. It reaches far more people than you’d reach organically.

Those who embrace these approaches experience superior results. Make it a priority to practice the above so people will find you and be intrigued by your brand. Otherwise, contact us at idig Marketing where we can help your brand succeed.

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