Online Reviews Part 3: Employing a Review Funnel to Generate Positive Response


Collecting positive customer reviews requires a systematic approach.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]To increase the number of positive reviews posted and mitigate the damage from negative reviews, idig Marketing has created and implemented review funnels for our clients. Each funnel is specifically tailored to the individual needs and specifications of our clients, but the overall strategy is the same.

Identify the Pertinent Review Sites
Our first step is to identify the review sites that are most important to our clients. We look at our clients’ target audience demographics to determine the sites they’re using. We also evaluate their current ranking on different review platforms and determine which sites would benefit the most from a review funnel approach.

Develop a Plan to Reach out to Customers
When we speak with our clients, many express how difficult it can be to convince their customers to leave an online review. Most hope for positive online reviews to appear, but never actively seek feedback from their customers.

A recent study found that 7 out of 10 consumers would leave a review for a business if they were asked, but many businesses never make the request.*

We develop a plan to contact past customers and ask them to honestly review their experience.

Direct Unhappy Customers Away from the Review Funnel
It’s important to hear, understand and remedy customer complaints. The best place to do this is in a private forum. By using a review funnel, we can identify those customers that have had a negative experience and direct them to the client’s customer service department to resolve the issue before they post a negative review.

Highlight Positive Reviews on Website
We integrate the positive comments from different review sites right on our clients’ websites. This supplies fresh content to their sites, which allows visitors and potential customers to read recent reviews, while also increasing our clients’ SEO.

Monitor and Adjust
As with any project we take on, we always monitor and adjust as we go along. We work closely with our clients to keep them updated on progress and inform them of any changes that we make.

If you’re struggling with your brand reputation online, need help with review monitoring or want to see how a review funnel can benefit your business,
contact an idig Marketing specialist today.

idig Marketing is a full-service digital strategy and development firm that generates meaningful website traffic and drives high value leads to your organization. By optimizing organic content with paid advertising our custom methodology is adapted to meet your requirements and to exceed your objectives.


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