Do Your Focus Keywords Matter? A Look at SEO

Back in the early days of SEO, keyword density was the easiest way for almost any business to start ranking. Google scanned data based purely on the focus keywords that were present on the page, allowing marketers to easily measure success based entirely on how you ranked for your keywords.

Although SEO’s role has changed over the year, that is not to say that focus keywords are not relevant anymore, only that the landscape has changed. Google’s continued roll out of new updates has made SEO optimization trickier for self-marketers because Google is increasingly doing the SEO for them.

For instance, Google’s algorithm has become so sophisticated that it can now decipher the meaning behind words and understand the questions customers might search for. It can then utilize that information to automatically make your company show up for queries that may not involve your focus keywords at all. Thus, it’s not only important how frequent your focus keywords appear throughout the page, but what meaning they convey as well as their placement.

Google’s algorithm ultimately filters your website down to three key areas, with meta information and headers taking highest priority, the body copy taking second priority, and sidebars and footers taking the very last. It is vital that you have a description of your company in those high-priority areas to maximize your optimization. Just make sure to not focus in on one specific keyword phrase, otherwise, your site could become repetitive and earn a penalty rather than a high ranking.

Given Google’s consistent development, it’s entirely possible that its algorithm will one day become even more advanced. Until then, your primary focus should be on providing the best possible value to your audience through relevant and persistent blog content and targeted meaningful focus keywords. Providing your audience with a compelling experience, publishing accurate and applicable content is, in fact, the best way to ensure high rankings!

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