Keep Your Brand Consistent on Social Media

There are many different outlets for your brand to interact with consumers: in person through employees, through the language in advertisements or through online communications on social media. It seems that now, more than ever, it’s becoming increasingly easier to connect with consumers. This is why it’s important to keep your brand consistent over all the different outlets and platforms your brand uses.

What is Brand Consistency?
Brand consistency goes beyond ensuring that all your publications use the right shade of blue or that the updated logo is posted on the website. At its core, keeping your brand consistent is ensuring that the values, goals and mission of your business are clearly articulated in every piece of content and communication that reaches your customers.

Often, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for people is determining what your tone will be when interacting with clients. It’s important to communicate with your customers in a way that they feel comfortable with. Plus, this tone needs to be echoed through all channels to achieve brand consistency. To your customer, the business should have the same personality whether they email customer service, direct message technical support or chat with a representative on a Facebook post.

Another way in which many people fail to keep their brand consistent is by mistakenly associating with an incompatible business online. Too many times we’ve seen a company share a meme or post, not realizing that the business or person behind it is in direct conflict with the values of their own business. You should always make sure that anything on your social channel—whether it’s created in-house or shared—aligns with your brand guidelines.

In the same vein, know what sites your digital ads are being displayed on. You always have the option to exclude certain websites from displaying your ads, but many businesses forget. This can create a lot of anger and confusion if your clients find that you’re inadvertently advertising on sites that counter your values and mission.

If you need help keeping your brand consistent on social media or developing your brand guidelines,
contact an idig marketing specialist today, we’re always happy to help.

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