Three Highlights from the 2018 Google Marketing Keynote

The 2018 Google Marketing Keynote was filled with a number of announcements, including the rebranding of Google AdWords to Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Ads Manager. In addition to the name change, topics to watch were machine-learning and the introduction of new YouTube ads. For our clients, we were interested in three specific improvements about mobile loading speeds, responsive search ads and cross-device reporting.

Mobile Loading Speed
It’s not surprising that there was a focus on mobile optimization during the Google Marketing Keynote. The number of Canadians choosing to use mobile over desktop continues to rise each year. Our client’s sites have been mobile optimized for years and we’re continually updating our best practices. That’s why we’re eager to try the new Mobile Landing Page Speed Score and show our clients how their optimized landing pages are improving ad performance and conversion rates.

Responsive Search Ads
We’ve had a lot of success with responsive ads and were excited to hear that there were now more headline and text options with responsive search ads. Through a combination of Google’s machine learning technology and engaging text and keywords—we expect our clients to be able to reach more people with a lower cost-per-click (CPC).

Cross Device Reporting
Google Analytics is so important to us and drives a lot of our digital marketing decisions. Since many consumers now use multiple devices, we’ve been waiting for the addition of cross device reports within Google Analytics. This new feature will allow us to see the device overlap, device path and acquisition device of consumers—and will provide additional data that can help us make better decisions for our clients.

Google Local Service Ads

We were hoping to hear an update on Google Local Service Ads in Canada, but unfortunately, there wasn’t any mention of this service. Even though Local Service Ads aren’t available here yet, there are a few things you can do to get your business ready for its implementation!

Make sure that you’re taking full advantage of the new Google Ads. However, if you need help designing an effective social media strategy, using these new tools,
contact one of our marketing specialists today!

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