Understanding Google’s New Responsive Search Ads and Mobile Speed Score

Google recently made some important announcements at their 2018 Google Marketing Live keynote presentation. We’ve spent some time digging deeper into Responsive Search Ads and how these improved formats will be able to significantly improve results for our service-based businesses. To ensure all our clients will be able to fully benefit from these ads when they’re available, we’ve been using the new Mobile Landing Speed Score on all our client’s landing pages to ensure mobile functionality is consumer-focused.

The biggest difference between traditional search ads and Responsive Search Ads is that the latter will give us a lot more space to work with when creating an ad. These updated ads will allow for up to 15 different headlines and four different descriptions. Through machine learning, Google will test different variations to determine which combinations perform best with higher conversion rates and select the three highest performing 30-character headlines and two 90-character descriptions. Over time, the most relevant ad will be shown to different searchers based on their queries and the cost-per-click (CPC) should drop.

It’s important to remember that Responsive Search Ads will still require quality content to produce strong leads—no amount of machine learning will be able to overcome low-quality copy.

Many Responsive Search Ads will be served to Canadians on their phones. Because the use of phones is outpacing laptops, desktops and tablets, it’s important to have mobile-optimized landing pages for all ads. According to one study, users expect the same loading times on mobile that they would receive if viewing content on a desktop and a one-second delay could result in a 7% drop in conversions.1 With those types of statistics, monitoring the speed of mobile pages is extremely important.

We’ve begun using the new Mobile Landing Speed Score to ensure all of our clients landing pages are fully optimized and able to increase conversions. We expect to see a significant increase in website traffic from the new Google Responsive Search Ads.

Make sure you’re taking full advantage of all the new changes Google is implementing to increase quality leads for your business.

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