Thrive in a Seasonal Industry with a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

Many companies have times during the year where sales peak and an off-season where sales slow down. However, some businesses work in an extremely seasonal industry—where weather or time of year completely dictate sales. With a smart digital marketing strategy, you can plan for the seasonality of your business and generate meaningful leads and conversions and raise brand awareness, even during slow periods.

During the shoulder season, you should be focusing on creating content that provides relevant information to your customers—keeping them engaged with your brand—while also helping to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). Improving brand awareness during the slow period will help boost conversions and sales for the peak season. Depending on your business, you can even drive sales by offering an off-season discount or creating an online marketing campaign that targets a niche audience.

Digital advertising budgets should be shifted based on your seasonal industry. By having a solid plan in place, you can plan to spend more on pay-per-click (PPC) ads during peak seasons and lower your budget to run display and remarketing ads during slower times. Switching your strategy and adjusting budgets will ensure that you’re spending every marketing dollar wisely.

The off-season is also a good time to focus on getting reviews. Having a high-rated business—especially on Google—can help drive conversions no matter the time of year. When you’re busy it can be more difficult to coordinate a review campaign, but during a lull in business, you’ll have the time to reach out to past clients to share their experiences. When the busy season rolls around, you’ll likely see a boost in sales from an increase in positive reviews.

To successfully navigate a seasonal industry, you need to have a plan. The first step to developing a strategic marketing solution is to understand when business naturally picks up and drops off. Analyzing the consumer cycle can provide significant insights that can help you make insightful decisions about your digital marketing strategy.

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