Connect With Your Customers Using Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools a company can use to further their online success. From multi-billion dollar industry moguls like McDonalds and Walmart to small-town diners and retailers, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram give businesses an opportunity to drive sales and connect with customers like never before.

Researching Your Target Audience
Companies used to have to guess their consumers’ interests or conduct focus groups to build advertising campaigns. Now, businesses can analyze user photos, videos and status updates to gain valuable insights about the type of content they like, and the products they’re interested in.

Social media platforms also let you precisely target audiences with specific ads to ensure that every marketing dollar is being spent wisely.

Connecting With Customers
The barriers between a business and its customers have all but come down in the digital age. Having an active social media platform where individuals can leave feedback, seek out answers, or simply get more information helps to build trust and brand awareness.

The age of voicemail and call waiting has come to an end, as a faster means of communication is actively available online in the form of direct messaging. Companies can now react instantly to both positive and negative feedback and easily answer questions from potential or current customers. Giving your audience a controlled destination for their thoughts, concerns or questions makes responding to your community easier, faster, and more personal.

Using Social Media The Right Way
When it comes to interacting and engaging with customers, social media is the present and future of online community building. The problem many businesses face is not only how to start building that community, but how to balance these platforms with other necessary digital marketing tools. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have excellent customer service capabilities, but diversifying your presence online with an optimized business website will give your customers somewhere to access your goods or services, while giving your company more legitimacy.

While the expansive reach and power of social media cannot be denied, there are downfalls if a business doesn’t utilize these outlets properly, or simply doesn’t understand how they work before creating their online identity.

If you need help building your business’s social media presence or require assistance with any other aspect of your digital marketing strategy, start a conversation with one of our digital marketing experts.

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