Quickly Connect with Customers Using Google’s Lead Form Extensions

Lead form extensions are now available for Google search ads. This exciting new mobile ad format has been in beta-testing for the last few months but is now finally available for all ad accounts, allowing advertisers to capture high-intent searchers directly on Google search result pages.

How Lead Form Extensions Work

Lead extensions simplify the process to collect customer information by using mobile-optimized forms right in the search ad.

When a user clicks on the Call to Action in a lead extension, a form is pre-populated with information from the person’s Google account.

This fast and easy form submission experience eliminates the extra step of navigating to your mobile site lead form, increasing the chance of capturing a person’s data.

The whole process, from a person searching your business to filling a form, only takes a few seconds.

What is included in a Lead Form Extension Ad:

  • Headline, business name and a brief description above the extension
  • A Call To Action such as Get Quote or Apply Now that links to the form
  • A customizable form that can include:
    • Headline and description text
    • Space to collect a person’s name, email, phone number and/or postal code
    • Customizable form completion page with additional (optional) Call to Action like Visit Website

Benefits of Lead Form Extensions:

  • Seamless user experience
  • Better conversions with pre-filled forms
  • Can synch leads to your current CRM

Lead form extensions have the potential to significantly increase quality leads because businesses can capture information the instant a customer shows interest in the business. This fast, mobile-optimized form makes submission easy and eliminates the need to redirect people to a website lead form, where there can be a significant drop-off.

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