iDIG is 20!

This year, 2024, iDIG is celebrating its 20th year anniversary! This would have never happened without our incredible team members and our loyal clients. We find ourselves reflecting on our evolution, growth and accomplishments that have defined our company over the past two decades. This milestone marks a testament to our perseverance and dedication. But it also serves as a moment to express heartfelt gratitude to our valued clients, partners, and team members who have been integral to our success. Read on to learn more about us and how iDIG has reached 20 years in business!

Our Back Story

We started as an analytics based research provider and evolved this approach into Advanced Technology Integration. We’ve been building websites since they were made in Flash. We’ve been marketing businesses since print, radio and T.V commercials were the primary marketing channels.  

We got our start in 2004 when our founder, Jeffery McBain, set out to explore his passion for helping people adopt analytical-based marketing and sales solutions to grow their businesses.

Having led several successful companies as a senior executive, Jeffery has now owned and operated iDIG for 20 years. 

In 2004, the Information Digital Integration Group (iDIG) was launched. We used to joke that our name was like a reverse mullet – business up front, “Information Digital Integration Group” and party in the back, “iDIG”. 

Canada’s First Social Marketing Company

We have evolved, grown and adapted for 20 years, first as an analytics based organization, and later as an integrated communications company referenced at the time by Facebook Canada’s leadership as “Canada’s first Social Marketing Company”. We gradually evolved into one of the country’s only truly integrated technology-based organizations, merging in-house capabilities for Strategy, Planning, Account Management, Analytics, Content/Communications and Graphic & Video Design with advanced web based technology development. We’ve seen and pivoted through all kinds of changes in digital technology and marketing. Always embracing change and the corresponding opportunities, we have been able to serve our clients well by being fluid, nimble and adaptable. 

We Love What We Do & Who We Do It With

Over our 20 years in business, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies of all sizes across North America. We’ve helped them develop, grow and manage their business through the strategic use of technology, robust marketing, and powerful advertising campaigns.

iDIG has employed many talented people during our 20 years, all of whom have contributed something unique to the team. We’ve scaled and made it through constant change, recessions and the pandemic successfully. Always maintaining our course and never straying from our mission, we’ve prioritized building teams of people that deliver what our clients need to grow and be successful. Our team is passionate about what we do and we recognize those people who’ve contributed to 20 years of successful business. 

Thank You to Our Awesome Clients

We’ve had the opportunity to work with so many great clients.

  • iDIG’s knowledge, expertise and responsiveness have been exceptional to date! Although you know a lot more than we do, you communicate in a manner that is clear and makes us feel confident our best interests are always being served. You have some great people who are a lot of fun and engaging!” – Hudson’s Bay Financial Services
  • After working with several web and marketing companies, it’s a breath of fresh air when you finally find that marketing firm that delivers on their promises.” – Ontario Conservatory of Music
  • iDIG Marketing is a valuable asset to Hakim Optical. They’ve proven to be very flexible in meeting our requirements while remaining proactive, driving our brand and online presence forward. They’re easy to communicate with and offer complete transparency in their performance and business practices, making them easy to evaluate.” – Hakim Optical 
  • I was amazed at the level of detail and enthusiasm these guys have for our web business. I was surprised by the level of passion and personal investment these designers have for driving our online business. They are absolutely determined to grow the web business – increasing our digital presence, expanding our geographic reach and helping SB grow as the distributor of the future.” – SB Simpson

We look forward to many more years helping companies realize their growth potential!

If you want to learn more about iDIG and what we do for businesses, give us a call or fill out our contact form.

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iDIG is a full-service digital organization that generates meaningful website traffic and drives high-value leads to your organization. By optimizing organic content with paid advertising, our custom methodology is adapted to meet your requirements and exceed your objectives.

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