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iDIG is a full-service development and marketing agency that specializes in HVAC marketing. We first began working with HVAC clients over 10 years ago when we were approached by Daikin. As Daikin’s Canadian (AOR) agency of record for many years, we were introduced to the Daikin dealer network and have since worked with dozens of HVAC dealers across Canada – many of whom we still work with today.

When you work with iDIG, you gain a partner in business. We become invested in helping you become more successful. We combine the power of targeted PPC/Google advertising and high-quality content marketing to expand your reach, attract new customers, and bring in more sales to fuel your bottom line.

HVAC Marketing to Ignite Your Business

As an experienced HVAC marketing agency, we understand what it takes to differentiate your business and stay competitive in the industry. We have done it for hundreds of companies, and we’re still doing it today. How?

An easy-to-find custom HVAC website built for your ideal customer.

Every business, including yours, needs to be online, otherwise, you’re missing out on all those potential customers who search for HVAC companies on Google. In fact, the majority of your customers are on the internet searching for your exact services. That’s why you need a website. And to make it easy for your customers to find and visit your website, you need a digital marketing strategy.

That’s what we do. iDIG helps HVAC businesses just like yours grow their online presence, and therefore, their business. We can say this with confidence because we’ve done it so many times before. We deploy digital marketing campaigns specifically for HVAC companies like yours to help you get and convert more leads.

Why Choose iDIG As Your HVAC Marketing Agency?

iDIG Marketing has a proven track record of growing HVAC businesses. Our results speak for themselves. We implement the best strategies that can drive more sales to your business. 

Here are more reasons why you should choose us to help grow your HVAC business.

We are full-service
We are data-driven
We are growth-focused
We are an in-house team
We never outsource
Our Commitment

We’re committed to our clients but we don’t make our clients commit to us. Plus, we offer total transparency and full visibility on your PPC and ad spending.

No Long-term Contracts

We don’t force lengthy service contracts on our clients. We’re so confident that you’ll be happy with our PPC management services that we only require 90 days’ notice of cancellation at any time. If you choose to end your service agreement with iDIG, you will retain full ownership and access to your PPC & Google Ads accounts.

Methodical Campaign Tracking

When you work with iDIG, you are assigned a dedicated campaign manager to provide you with one-on-one customer support and sales traction updates. Regular ongoing reporting enables you to stay in the loop and track your ROI, and it keeps us accountable.

You Pay No Commission on Ad Spend

Many digital marketing agencies charge upwards of 20% to manage PPC campaigns. iDIG Marketing takes zero commission on ad spend. We set a program retainer and dedicate the appropriate time each week to your business.

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Launching the world’s largest HVAC manufacturer in the Canadian market

iDIG was engaged as Daikin’s (Agency of Record) AOR in 2014 to develop both brand awareness and to help grow their dealer network in Canada. Our two-pronged solution focused on:

  • Brand building through ads, promotions, and positioning as a global leader.
  • Working directly with the Daikin dealer network to grow their brand awareness and promote them as a dealer, with the financial support of Daikin.

As part of our solution for Daikin, we had to implement and integrate the partner program.

  • Established and executed a customized partner program (Daikin Dealer Program) in which integration and a mutually beneficial relationship with dealers were core to business development.
  • Discovered and helped implement integration between service provider/dealer and manufacturer, with a key focus on the dealer benefitting.
  • Executed dealer program primarily online, complemented with offline ads on radio, prime time news and Blue Jay game telecasts.

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A One-Stop Shop for HVAC Digital Marketing Services

Heat up your marketing and cool down the competition with iDIG.

We are your Lead Generation supplier. We deliver all the necessary digital marketing services an HVAC company requires and new customers. That means you only have one company to deal with when it comes to the digital side of your business. Plus, we NEVER outsource any of the work – it’s all done in-house by our experienced team of marketers, web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, and ad specialists.

SEO & Organic Search Engine Optimization

For your potential customers to find you easily on Google, you need a solid SEO strategy. To come up with the strategy that will achieve just that, we first perform an SEO audit on your website (if you have one). We’ll determine what your ideal customers are searching for and we’ll help you rank better for those keywords. Then, using local on-page and off-page and other SEO best practices, we’ll get your HVAC website in the top rankings on Google.

PPC / Google Advertising

PPC/Google Advertising is a surefire way to get leads and new customers. It’s a core component of our digital marketing strategy for HVAC companies. As we develop your ranking through SEO best practices, we deploy proven ad campaigns to reach a wider audience and convert more customers. Our knowledge and expertise in HVAC marketing means you’ll see results in no time. However, we still continue to refine and enhance the ad campaigns until we reach a low CPA and optimal ROI.

Website Design & Development

Whether you need a website or a website redesign, we can help. We’ve been developing custom websites for over 20 years. A well-designed responsive website serves your business in a variety of ways. It’s where potential customers come to learn about your services, get your contact info, and have their questions answered. We include web forms so new leads go directly to you. Every other aspect of our HVAC marketing strategy flows leads to your website where they can fill out a form or find your number to call you for service. We can even integrate an online store so visitors can order products right from your site. We develop custom HVAC websites that convert visitors and increase sales.

Content Marketing

A key part of building an effective website, improving your Google ranking, and launching ad campaigns that perform is creating quality content. Your HVAC website requires informative yet engaging content to help convert your visitors. Your Google ranking depends on an ongoing topical content program to inform and build your audience. Plus, powerful ad campaigns need powerful copy. That’s where our copywriting team comes in. They’re subject matter experts with experience creating all the HVAC-related content you’ll need.

Social Media Management

Social media is how you gauge your audience, grow your brand, and interact with your customers. We provide social media marketing and management services that support your company’s growth. Our social media gurus do everything from creating your business profile to managing it and developing your following on the relevant platforms. Social media works to complement SEO in bringing you quality leads.

Creative & Graphic Design

Your image is important, especially in the customer service industry. While you provide top-notch customer service, we help your brand stand out amongst the competition with unique custom graphics and design. With over 30 years of combined experience, our creative team knows how to develop, rework, and grow brands across a range of industries, including HVAC. From website designs to logo creation to promotional video production, our team serves your business by communicating your brand and your company’s values.

HVAC Protec Solutions

One of our core competencies is performing integrations that make your business run more smoothly. Whether it’s plug-ins or integrating ERPs and CRMs, we’ve done it all. We’ve even developed an app specifically for HVAC dealers. Our HVAC Protec app integrates seamlessly with your business to help you streamline your entire operation. It automates tasks to save you time (and money!) by handling all stages of customer engagement and workflow, including lead generation, scheduling, employee management, invoicing and more! It makes it simple for customers to book appointments, pay their invoice or upgrade their protection plan.

Need a Complete Business Management Solution?

iDIG has developed a business management platform that automates lead generation, scheduling, employee management, payroll and much more. With several active clients currently using the platform, we can tailor the system to meet your business's specific needs.

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