Facebook Hashtags: Five Brands Doing Them Right

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I read an interesting post on Social Media Today about Twitter hashtag fails from the past couple of years. For some reason, the brands behind the fizzled hashtags either (a) did not read them very well before posting them, (Example, Susan Boyle’s album release: #susanalbumparty) or (b) forgot the fact that people are people, mostly looking for their own 15 minutes of fame, and usually by being negative. (Example, McDonald’s failed attempt to gather a little love:#McDStories). Oops. In both cases, these hashtags took on lives of their own. So far, brands are being more cautious with Facebook hashtags.

Clickable hashtags started appearing on Facebook back in June, much to the delight of marketers…and the dismay of social media professionals. Initially, I joined the naysayers and braced myself for the onslaught of horrific hashtag abuse on Facebook. I must say, I have been pleasantly surprised. After the first week or so, the Facebook hashtags seem to have slowed down to a trickle – either that, or I follow people who either do not realize they can use them or they just do not care enough to use them.

6080268246_40279ef4d6_m[1]I personally choose to believe Facebook hashtags are – and will continue to be – useful tools for brands. I recently wrote an article for ME Marketing Services: “Facebook Hashtags: The Potential Value for Business” where I described two possible ways a business or brand can use them: social listening and content curation. Just over a month later, a few brands are using Facebook hashtags in these ways…and then some. Facebook hashtags have yet to achieve the same popularity as their Twitter or Instagram counterparts. Considering the fact that people are just learning about them though, they seem to be holding their own quite well.

I found these five brands on Facebook using hashtags on their fan pages and so far, the public seems to agree they are doing them right.

(1) Starbucks

Conversations are brewing around these Facebook hashtags on Starbuck’s fan page:#strawsome #treatreceipt and #pickmeup.

(2) Honda

With a big Indy Car win in July, Honda saw a lot of traction using Facebook hashtag #HondaRacing.

(3) Target

Target has recently been using Facebook hashtags to take summer to a higher level (#SummerUp) and to help provide meals to families in need across America (#FEEDUSA).

(4) Oreo

Always a smart cookie, Oreo makes up unique and clever Facebook hashtags to break up the monotony…and they go well with milk!

(5) Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut tosses up and delivers well-placed Facebook hashtags in many of the posts on their fan page such as #summertime and #MakeitGreat.

As I mentioned earlier, Facebook hashtags are still new to both brands and their audiences. Time will tell whether they will be as successful for marketing and engagement on Facebook as they are on Twitter. How do you feel about using Facebook hashtags?

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