Content is (Still) King – Make Sure You’re Producing High Quality Content

In the last few weeks, we’ve been highlighting some of the technologies at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and how they’ll impact marketing this year and well into the future. Interestingly, one theme emerged this year that didn’t rely on a new technology—the demand for high quality content. In a year dominated by fake news and click-bait, consumers are craving reputable, interesting content, and companies that invest in its creation will have a significant edge over their competition.

Create for Your Audience
The best content is catered to your audience, not Google. Every industry has the opportunity to create high quality content that’ll engage customers and increase SEO (search engine optimization). Creating content strictly in the hopes of increasing your page rank will often miss the mark in terms of consumer engagement. It’s important to create content your audience will enjoy and then optimize it for search engines.

High Quality Content Takes Many Different Forms
There are so many different formats to create content—from blogs, tweets and Facebook posts to YouTube videos, Instagram posts and Snapchat stories. Ensure you’re choosing the right platform for your audience and don’t be afraid to venture into new waters!

Video content continues to grow in popularity among consumers and is the driving force behind audience engagement and conversions. For example, including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%, and including the word “video” in an email subject can increase open rates by up to 19%1. Video content will only increase in popularity, so you should ensure that creating this type of content is part of your marketing strategy.

Content should be considered a vital part of your marketing strategy, and you must guarantee that any content created is worthy to post.

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