IGTV and What It Means for Digital Marketing

In the constantly changing world of social media, it’s hard to predict when a new innovation or trend will come along that significantly impacts the way people interact online. Although YouTube has been the industry leader in long-form video for the past decade, Instagram recently announced the release of their own long-form video feature called IGTV that allows its users to post vertical videos up to one hour.

Known primarily as a photo app, you could previously post videos on Instagram, but they were limited to one minute in length. However, with this change, businesses will now be able to reach their target audience in a completely new way.

What Does IGTV Mean for Digital Marketing?
Having the ability to post longer videos through IGTV means it will be even easier for a business to effectively engage its audience and have its brand discovered by new people.

IGTV allows businesses to establish strong connections with potential customers by creating new content possibilities. Businesses will now be able to engage with Instagram’s extensive global community, without being restricted by length or format.

Engagement Tracking for IGTV
With any social media strategy, it’s important to analyze data, track engagement and make content changes accordingly. With IGTV, you’ll want to track the amount of engagement different videos generate, the average percent of video watched by viewers and audience retention. You’ll also want to continue to moderate comments and ensure discussions on your video help your brand, not hurt it.

With more people watching online video than ever before, using IGTV is a great way to create relevant marketing content and reach a constantly growing audience.

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