The Difference Between Organic Search and Paid Search

The terms “Organic Search” and “Paid Search” may not sound familiar to the average person, but should be common knowledge for anyone who’s business operates online. The two terms refer to the types of results that are presented when someone seeks an answer online. Let’s say you just started a business that sells teapots, and you want to be the first result on Google when someone searches “Custom Teapots”. This is not something that will happen overnight, or is it? Learn about what characterizes these two types of search, and how they can both help increase traffic for you online.

Organic search results are the natural results a search engine thinks will best answer a query made online. These results are considered natural because the algorithm used by the search engine has determined that these websites or pages have the most relevant information to the search made. Becoming the top organic search result on an engine like Google is extremely difficult but in no way impossible. The quality of the content must be high, and it’s essential to employ SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to make your page more desirable to search engine algorithms. Unfortunately, even if your page has done both of these things, it will still take some time to improve your ranking amongst other search results, especially in high ranking categories. Once your page has worked itself up to the top (a page one result), expect an increase in traffic to your site as a result.

But what about paid search? When it comes to Google, you may have noticed that the top results have a small box beside the web address that says “Ad”. These are paid search results that are featured above the organic results. Obviously, this alternative to building your page’s status naturally has become more popular in recent years, as organic search has become more competitive.

So which is better for a business, organic or paid search? For a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, businesses should employ SEO techniques to build organic traffic and use paid advertising to help drive brand recognition, lead generation and conversions. You can even use Google ads to help drive your organic traffic. However, Google ranks organic traffic higher than paid traffic.

Many businesses find the best practice to follow is finding a healthy balance between the two. Targeting both the customers who simply choose the top ad result and those who look through the organic results is a good way to expand your business’ online presence.

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