How Does an SSL Certificate Affect SEO?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate changes a website address from HTTP to HTTPS and ensures all traffic between the web server and the web browser is secure. Until recently, SSL certificates did not significantly affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and was only required if your website was collecting sensitive information. However, recent changes made by Google now make it essential that every website has an SSL certificate

As of 2017, Google now penalizes sites that don’t have SSL certificate by reducing their ranking, meaning even if you have the best content, you could still find your site on the second or third page of results.

Even worse, Google’s webbrowser— Chrome—now displays a warning message for sites that are not protected by an SSL certificate.

The Chrome warning message can significantly decrease web traffic as many people won’t want to access your site after finding out that it’s not safe. Even if they do want to continue, Chrome buries the option to go to the site under the Advanced tab.

If you’ve noticed that your web traffic has significantly decreased over the last year, check to see that you have an SSL Certificate installed—and it’s still valid. Depending on your certificate, it might need to be updated yearly or monthly and it will have a significant affect on your SEO, rankability and overall traffic.

There are many ways to help secure a business website, but it can be confusing and complex for an average person to navigate the technical requirements and best practices.

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