Is Your Marketing Partner Outsourcing Services?

If you’re currently working with a marketing partner, are they providing all services in-house or are they outsourcing work? It’s not something a marketing agency would advertise, but when they white-label their services, it can hurt your business and image. It’s essential to know where the marketing work you’re paying for is actually being done.

White-Label Marketing Services
Many business owners are unaware that some marketing companies operate a white-label program—subcontracting marketing services overseas and rebranding it as their own. Website development, content creation and social media monitoring are the most popular services that are outsourced, and while not illegal, this practice can have significant implications on your business.

Long Wait Times
When services are outsourced, it can cause lengthy delays, even for simple requests. The marketing firm needs to contact their freelance worker—in a different time zone—submit the request, wait for the work to be completed, review and then send back to the client. 

Project Confusion
A marketing company usually outsources development work because they don’t possess the technical knowledge to do it in-house. If the client has any questions during the project, their agency likely won’t be able to answer and will instead need to contact their overseas developer. This leads to a game of telephone that’s prone to misunderstandings, miscommunications and an overall confusing and frustrating process.

Inconsistent Quality
When work is being done off-site—by multiple people in different countries—it’s hard to manage quality. There’s no guarantee that all your branding and messaging will stay on point or that development projects will undergo any type of assessment. 

How to Spot a White-Label Marketing Agency
The biggest clue a marketing agency is outsourcing services is that you never get to meet, or have access to, the full team. When beginning web development projects, the developer should be in the meeting to understand your needs and answer questions. During content marketing strategy sessions, the copywriter should be in the room to discuss messaging and tone. If your agency only gives you access to an account manager, you should insist on meeting all the people working on your account and ask if they contract out any of their work.

idig Marketing is proud that all of our work is done in-house and we encourage potential clients to come by the office and meet the experts that will be working on their account. If there are ever any questions or concerns, clients have the ability to speak directly with any member of our team and can expect prompt action.

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